SLRIWA Timeline

  • 1848
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • 1891
    Mission Indian Relief Act
  • 1895
    Escondido Canal built on La Jolla Reservation, Lake Wohlford created
  • 1900
    Henshaw bought 40,000+ acres of land in Warner Ranch
  • 1908
    Winters Doctrine
  • 1914
    Canal built on Rincon Reservation
  • 1920
    Federal Power Act and Federal Power Commission created
  • 1923
    Henshaw Dam built, Lake Henshaw created
  • 1924
    Henshaw, EMWC, and Vista made agreement to update canal, received license from FPC
  • 1929
    Conversion to concrete canal complete
  • 1940s
    Drought across Pauma Valley. Escondido and Vista pump from wellfields above Lake Henshaw, decreasing water supply to the lake and thus the Rincon Reservation
  • 1968
    Patricia Duro from Rincon Band consults Bob Pelcyger
  • 1969
    Pelcyger files lawsuit against Escondido and Visa on behalf of Rincon and La Jolla Bands
  • 1974
    EMWC licenses expired
  • 1977
    Judge Ellis rules in favor of the Bands
  • 1979
    Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) appealed Judge Ellis' decision
  • 1984
    Supreme Court issues split decision that effectively sent parties back to FERC to start litigation over again, Bands decided to go legislative route with help of Congressman Packard
  • 1988
    San Luis Rey Indian Water Rights Settlement Act passes and SLRIWA forms
  • 1998
    CA legislature appropriates $200M+ for lining of All-American Canal
  • 2000
    Packard Amendment, allocates 16,000 acre-feet of water from All-American Canal lining to the Bands
  • 2003
    All documents signed by all parties
  • 2016
    Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Amendment
  • 2017
    Final approval of the Settlement Act

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