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Water Delivery

The San Luis Rey Settlement Act was passed in 1988, yet the Indian Bands have not received any of their water. Delivery of the water has been caught up in long delays of trying to resolve the much larger problem of Colorado River water uses, and with many other issues that have arisen.

"We're very understanding about the layers of government and legal issues that arise, and we'll wait as long as necessary to fight for what we believe in", said Tilda Green, Secretary-Treasurer of the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians.

The San Luis Rey Indian Water Authority directors and reservation leaders have been patient because they are confident the water that rightfully belongs to the Indian Bands will be returned to them, as provided in the settlement and federal law.

Then, once again, water will be plentiful in the San Luis Rey River Basin.

Secretary of the Interior's Remarks to the Colorado River Water Users Association
Las Vegas, December 17, 1998